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     Welcome to Cirhc Discussion Forum!

Anyone can view the Cirhc Discussion Forum, but only registered members can post and/or reply. If you are not already a member, please log in here and register. Registration is free.

(how to get password)
1 click ログイン(login)
2 input your name and mailaddress,then click 確認(confirmation).
・when this registration ends willingly, the password is sent to your mail with this registration as for pre-register → after this.
・Please log it in in this password that has been sent first.
・Afterwards, the password be able to be changed for myself, and come to do log in by the changed password.
(you can get new registration from here.)

Person already from whom registration ends can enter here. Then,you can find some examples.Please read them for the reference.

* In the contribution, please defend manners.

* In next page,please read in a different way as follows.

・トップへ→ to top
・cirhc.comへ→ to cirhc.com
・こんにちは,ゲストさん→hellow the guest
・現在閲覧のみ利用できます→ only inspection can be used now.
・投稿やコメントをする場合は,ログインしてください→ Please log it in when contributing and commenting.
・検索→ Search
・すべて→ All
・カテゴリ→ Category
・リンク→ Link
・キーワード一覧→ Key word list
・人気の質問→ Question on popularity
・新着質問→ Newly arrived question
・新着コメント→ Newly arrived comment
・解決した質問リスト→ Be solved question list
・未回答・質問中リスト→ List when unanswered and being questioning
・未回答リスト→ Be questioning on comment
・質問する→ Questioned
・フォーラムトップ→ Top forum
・更新日→ Update
新しい質問→ New question
最新のコメント→ The latest comment
人気の質問→ Question on popularity
解決した質問→ solved question
・解決→ Solution
・質問中→ Be questioning on solution

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